NAICS Codes: 541410, 541490, 337214, 337211, 337215

DUNS: 037887897


SNAP Designs, LLC


Want your drawings to have professional and quality appearance? Using the most current design software (AutoCAD, CAP 20/20) we provide accurate and efficient furniture layouts for systems furniture and ancillary furniture products. We work with new or existing products and with customer inventory.  In addition to furniture plans, we provide specifications, bill of materials, and tools that enable customers to better visualize their work space.



Creating effective and efficient space plans permits the utilization of existing property and assets. The most effective way to do this is to start with allowable square footage and create block & stacking plans based on requirements gathered from the programming phase of the project. Block plans can easily be used for a new build, growth, or reduction of personnel.



Facility programming and consulting is instrumental in the development of standard programming guidelines used in corporate or GSA facilities. Programming documents provide checklists of items that can be utilized in facility programs and provide explanations of the processes of collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and documenting the requirements for a project prior to the beginning of the actual design of the space. Once methodically gathered, these guidelines can be active in reducing the amount of changes of cost increases during the lifetime of a particular project. The information can reflect a specific individual, group or department, area or project programming are to aide in planning company's adjacencies, ergonomics, and space requirements, ultimately satisfy the client's overall requirements of the creating the ultimate, functional, aesthetically pleasing working environment.


Great spaces start with careful planning. Our team of designers has the knowledge and foresight to create a functional and flexible yet value-based beautiful commercial environment. One piece of the master plan is having the proper test fits, space planning. Space planning considers traffic flow, meeting spaces, equipment location, the flow of power and data, the quality of movement of conversation and light. It considers aesthetic choices, corporate culture, and community and individual needs to development of space planning drawings detailed enough for electrician to quickly power every outlet, IT staffs to deliver data quickly and easily to every employee, managers understand where team meetings will be held and employees to understand where they'll put their belongings. We can also develop a full scope package & coordination for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E).



Looking for an impressive way of communicating your furniture and other project related ideas to your company or client? Whether you require RFP response renderings, a project summary for customer sign-off prior to ordering or communication with your team for an upcoming restack, our photo-realistic rendering software and communication style is the perfect tool for client/end user visualization.


We understand that every customer and every project is unique with different goals. With the highest attention to detail we create schedules, move plans,  assist in the vendor selection process, coordinate with furniture vendor, move vendor and power/data integration.



In facilities, we understand that short-term and long-term planning is equally important. Our support to facility management is to provide and maintain as-built drawings, help create and establish workplace standards and space allocation and planning. We can provide any design needs for any phase of your project; cradle to grave.


Whether you require a generic bid package to be generated or you need assistance analyzing and responding to a RFP we have the tools to help you navigate through every process. Not only can we can provide CAD drawings, specifications, cut sheets as well as renderings, but our knowledge and relationships with most major furniture manufacturers can provide insight as to the best possible way to value engineer your project while maintaining design integrity.


Workplaces and the way we work are changing rapidly. Organizations big and small are constantly changing and adapting to new technology, workstyles, means of collaborating to enhance their employees' time while at work, thus leading to higher productivity and retention. Usually there is a good reason for change but most employees feel threatened in some fashion and often leave once the change is complete. For example: removing everyone from an office and shifting to open-plan benching stations. However, is has been proven that if employees are consistently aware and involved in the process they are most likely to embrace the change and therefore remain with that company. Employees need support before, during and after the move to a new workspace. A change management program is a useful process for successfully managing employee transitions. We can help create a plan 3, 6 and even up to 12 months out from your targeted launch date.


In the work of corporate facilities there is constant change during times of growth, reduction and reorganization. The process of relocation/churn management & planning requires knowledge and expertise. We can provide design and project implementation services for one station/office or 5, 000 for a multi-campus company with locations in several states. We thrive on the attention to detail and understand that clear communication is key to the success of any project. We will apply move schedules and coordination to ensure success. Since every project is different it is necessary to stay creative with the best solution possible for every scenario.